Friday, October 30, 2009

31 for 21: There is No Place Like Home

Even though I desperately wanted to get to the hospital to get things going earlier in the week, there was always that feeling that I wanted to be at this point - coming home. Yesterday Quinn was able to come home. If she really knew and understood about Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, she might have clicked her sure steps together and said, "There is no place like home." It is hard to explain why I know this, but as I walked her through the door, I could just tell she was relieved to be home. Poor girl who has been through so much is finally in the place of love and acceptance for her - in her home with her hair clippies and bows, clothes, toys, photos, and love surrounding every cute inch of her.

Last night my neck and shoulders were as hard a rock from the accumulation of the stress, anger, and transitions of the week. I was able to go to bed and feel that tension lift. Today feels so much better. I actually get to have a day to spend with my family - so so awesome!!!! There is truly no place like home, especially a home with all your family there together.

I have said it before and I know I will say it again, but I have learned so much because of Quinn. I really do feel that this girl came into my life to shake me up, push me off of my equilibrium, and teach me about worlds I never knew about - Down syndrome and now Infantile Spasms. She has taught me that there is so much that people just take for granted. She has taught me the real feeling of having unconditional love for your child. She has taught me that difficult times can make you a better person. I love you Quinny and I am so happy that you are home. There is no place like our home with you in it.

These clips are of two beautiful teenagers with DS - one becoming a homecoming queen and the other a king. Happy tears!



  1. So glad you're home!! It feels great, doesn't it?

    I remember coming home from surgery with Lucy. She was only seven months old, but I could just tell from her whole disposition that she knew she was home and she was ecstatic about it!

    It makes me smile that you and Quinn are both back where you should be! Get some rest!! ~Courtney

  2. So glad you are home and so sorry the last week has held such frustrations.It shouldn't have to be this hard when life has asked you to carry such a heavy load.Actually, asked these little ones to carry such heavy loads.Quinn will continue to be your guide through this next leg of the journey.Some days will be easier then others but on most days,she will lead and you will follow.I have learned the most in my 40 plus years from the courage and resiliency of a 2 year old.Praying for good week for sweet Quinn.

    *side note.Not that is particularly matters now but we received our Vigabatrin over night.Another lesson,that no matter how much we trust our doctors,our children's doctor's,that don't always hold the answers.