Wednesday, October 14, 2009

31 for 21: Dreams

So I previously talked about worries, but there are also dreams. Dreams of Quinn's future life - dreams of what it will be for individuals with Down syndrome in the future. Things can only get better and better. Quinn will learn new things - become stronger - grow - and get more beautiful each day.

In a little less than a week she will be two years old. Hard to believe that that she is getting that old already. It won't be long until she could become a young athlete for the Special Olympics. Another dream - Quinn becoming involved in things that she loves! This week I was watching a show about a mom with a young adult child who was struggling with drug addiction. Athough it is a different experience, a lot of what she had to say was similar to my concerns - feeling different from other typical parents, not relating to conversations about what their children are doing, and feeling more concern and having more responsibility that what is typical for someone the child's age. Lastly she said that she lost the ability to dream. To me, it is important not to stop dreaming just because Quinn has DS. I need to dream. Just because your child has a disability doesn't mean you can't dream. In fact, it becomes all the more important. Check out this very cool video - it relates, trust me :>)

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