Tuesday, October 13, 2009

31 for 21: Aha Moment

This is why I LOVE blogging! I find new things out every day! Thank you so much to jack@ahamoment.com for leaving me a comment about this. Please everyone go to HERE (there is also a link below) and watch and vote for Barry's aha moment! It is like mine - and if you are a parent of a child with Down Syndrome, probably like your aha moment too! It is about the clarity you get when you have a child with Down syndrome. You begin to realize what is and is not important. You see what strength truly is. You truly see perfection. It can be all these things.

Please go to the link and do this. Jack tells me that the top clips in the contest will be aha moment TV commercials next year. How timely for Down Syndrome Awareness Month - we need to get this beautiful message in the media! Thanks so much!

aha moment: voting

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  1. Thanks, Karyn. And one more note for you and your readers -- the first round of voting ends Oct 15, so vote early and often!