Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time Flies

Where did the time go today? I looked at the clock and it is already almost 11:30pm!!! Just a bit of what I did today...

I woke up and worked on a manuscript I am reviewing for a journal (didn't finish it though)

Went to church. This was the first time we left Quinn in the nursery. She has never been left anywhere like that since she stays home with Neal. She did great though!

Then went to a baseball game which involved tailgating, eating, buying a racing sausage for Aidan, carting snacks back and forth to our seat, watching drunk people who thought they were sexy and were so not, and watching the team not perform too well. VERY TIRING - but we do this once a year, and the kids love it. Now we are done with that until 2010.

Then spent cuddle time with Quinn, as Neal did some outside work.

And worked on one massive powerpoint for class this week which was not as fun as the powerpoint comedy. The boys were jumping all around me as I worked until they crashed for the night right next to me.

I was going to finish the manuscript, but I am thinking I better wake up early tomorrow for that. Being out in the sun was too much. This was the second Sunday in a row we were in the sun. Here are photos of when we went to the waterpark on Father's Day -

You realize that this posting is basically an indication that I don't have any deep thoughts tonight - LOL. Oh well at least I had something for my massive readership - another LOL.


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