Thursday, June 25, 2009

U2, Marriage, & DS – With or Without You

Neal proposed to me at a U2 concert. It was actually his first concert and he planned to propose to the song “With or Without You,” my favorite U2 song of all time. This song is founded for me in the angst of high school, how you could love something and it still can cause you pain, and I always find listening to the song very moving. Well he became very nervous at the concert because they didn’t play it until the second encore. But he still did it, and we are together and have three beautiful children today all because of it. I also think marriage is a bit like this song – you have your up and down moments, but in the end it all comes down to what is in your heart and commitment. Also in a way, I could now say that Down syndrome relates to this song. I can’t live with or without it. It is still difficult at times, but then in other ways it has changed my life in such beautiful ways. Funny how a song that brought us together now applies to the diagnosis of our little girl. Anyway, I was searching around on YouTube and found these. Enjoy!


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  1. oh oh oh! Another U2 fan! Although I haven't seen them live since The Joshua Tree tour (when I saw them a dozen times, LOL) and complained about price of $15 tickets. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    I used to have a U2 fanzine back in the day and we got to go to a press conference. At which time I accidentally insulted Bono. He came in late and his mic wasn't turned on. He was banging on it and said "is this working?" to which I replied (and I was sitting right next to him), "maybe no one wants to hear you talk!" OMG, you could have heard a pin drop in that room! Fortunately Bono has a great sense of humor and replied "you're probably right!"

    We also got to interview Adam after a show in Chicago. We weren't expecting a private meeting with Adam. It was such a surprise and we were completely unprepared! I don't even remember what we asked him.

    Ahhhhh, I miss those days!