Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Four-Year-Old Pick-Up Artist

I have a four-year-old pick-up artist living in my house. He just so happens to be my son, Aidan. About nine-months ago he started to talk about marrying me. It was kind of cute and may be every mother's dream that their little son would think they are the most beautiful woman in the world. But it has now gotten way out of control. He has been saying some more things like...

"Hey beautiful, how are you doing?"
"Mom, you are HOT."

Who says this stuff? Aidan, that is who. Plus he always has to sit next to me and always plays with my hair. This is an obsession like no other - an Oedipus Complex!

Oh well, soon enough he will not want to have anything to do with me, so I better enjoy this while it is happening. It probably is more of a prelude to when he will be a teenager and all those girls he will charm with his long eyelashes. Check out those eyes in this photo. Oh boy, we are in trouble...


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