Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dear Little Girl at the Swimming Pool,

Dear Little Girl at the Swimming Pool,

You look about the same age as Quinn, and wow look at all you can do! You can walk, swim, and talk. You are truly lucky and look like a big girl. But please be aware that people can be lucky too even if they don't do these things. My little girl is lucky to be here on Earth. With a 80-90% termination rate, you don't see too many people like her around, at least as many as you should be able to see. In addition, my little girl is blessed to have two older brothers who love her more than anything in the world. They have learned to be more tolerant of differences. Her mommy and daddy have learned so much from her too. I will be honest, it is difficult to see all that you can do. Part of me wanted to cry. Despite my sadness, I do want you to know I congratulate you on your accomplishments. I have been there with my boys. It is great when things come so easy. I expected that this time around too, but I am on a different path, taking a different journey. I am learning that it is even greater when you really learn what life is about too. Things don't always go as expected, and that isn't necessarily bad. You can become a better person that way. Hopefully someday somebody will tell you about Down syndrome and you will get to know about one of these truly beautiful people. I hope you have a nice time with your family while on vacation.


Quinn's Mom

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