Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Tomorrow Aidan has his evaluation for speech/language services. The evaluation will be conducted at his preschool. Neal and I were talking to him about it and the need to cooperate with this woman who will be coming to talk him at his school (he sometimes gets an attitude about doing things, so we were hoping to prevent this). Aidan first asks Neal, "Is she a granny?" Neal says no (not sure how he knows how old she is). Then Aidan asks, "Is she hot?" Ok one could interpret this as being related to our hot humid weather here right now, but I KNOW that isn't what he meant. We had to have a bit of a talk with him following this statement. Now tonight I am praying that Aidan doesn't attempt to pick-up the speech language pathologist while she is doing the evaluation!!!!! By the way, you should have seen Riley's face (the look of shock and horror) as this conversation was happening. Let's just say Quinn will have an interesting life with her brothers around.


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  1. That's too funny. I asked my 7 year old daughter what "hot" means, and she said it means "beautiful". Wasn't going to clarify that for her, but told her it wasn't always nice to use that word, so to use "pretty" instead, LOL.