Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Smiles

I got the word yesterday about another job too - I will be picking up some contract work! Crazy woman I am with four jobs now (one full-time and three part-time). I am a workaholic, I know this - I grew up on a farm and you certainly learn how to work when you come from a farming background. But believe it or not I do have time with my kids. I just start limiting my sleep and multitasking plus there isn't really a lot of new work involved when you already created a class and you go and teach it. I actually perform better with having so many things going on. Gee do I have a bit of mania? Seriously, I don't know how or why.

Plus I have to cut back hours at my full-time job because of furloughs so I do need to pick up some things to keep afloat financially. I am so excited about these new adventures (two of my part-time jobs are new). I feel so blessed to have these opportunities, especially right now when things are so rough. Neal was laid off when I was pregnant with Quinn, so maybe it is also my obsession with not having all my eggs in one basket so to speak with jobs and career.

Also just for fun, since I am in a smiling mood, here is another photo of the kiddos on our vacation...


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  1. Oh I love Dr. Suess. How cool you have your photo with him.