Saturday, March 7, 2009

What is Perfection?

What is perfection? Do we really even know? You look at the media and you see people like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez who are held up to be the standard of beauty and perfection, but is that really what it involves? Tonight I had the privilege of holding Quinn for quite a little while as she was dozing off to sleep. That is kind of rare for me given the combination between my schedule and her temperament. And I think I saw perfection. She was looking at me deep into my eyes as I was looking at her. She smiled and moved her foot to purposefully bump into my face (she must have been watching her brother Aidan who seems to like to do that too). Then she smiled HUGE – like “ha ha I got you mom.” I looked at her skin – I saw perfection. I looked at her eyes – I saw perfection. I looked at all those features of Down syndrome and I saw perfection. How do we know that we aren’t all meant to have three 21st chromosomes? Maybe it is the rest of us who are the ones who are missing something and because of this it is all the rest of us who are really the ones who are disabled. I was on my island today and LOVING it!


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