Saturday, March 28, 2009

Extreme Blog & Quinn Makeovers!

As you can see, my blog received a beautiful makeover done by Lu from the Poppies’ Blog and Poppies Blooming. This is what I love about Down syndrome! I meet a beautiful woman from the U.K. through an online support group that I go on,, and she just offers to help me makeover this blog. What a great heart and immense talent Lu has! Thank you so much, Lu! Down syndrome has enriched my life in so many ways – I have met such wonderful people because of it and am so grateful to have you all in my life.

While Lu was making over my blog, Quinny was getting her first makeover herself. Today was her first haircut! We are growing her hair long, but she did get it trimmed, received some "whispy” bangs, and had it styled by her wonderful hair stylist Mr. Tim (Aidan’s hair stylist too). Above are some photos of my beauty queen. While we were there getting Quinn and Aidan’s haircuts, we saw another couple who were just looking and looking and smiling at Quinn. Their little guy looked like he had Down syndrome too. We never mentioned the Down syndrome, but instead felt a connection and smiled and commented back and forth to each other.

Down syndrome connects people all over the world!


  1. Did you go to Mr Tim? Just curious. Love Quinn's new do and your blog makeover too!

    Sherry-mom to Evan, Olivia, and Nate

  2. Hi Sherry - oh yes we went to the same Mr. Tim that you know and love. He is the best! Since he was so great with Aidan and his haircut phobia when he was two, we decided that Quinn must go to him :>) Thanks for visiting my blog!