Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Moral to the Story

I often wonder why having a child with Down syndrome happened to our family. I don't mean a "Woe is me, why me??" that kind of thing. That feeling has passed a while ago (let's hope it stays that way). I mean more of what is the meaning of this in my life? I work with a lot of individuals who go through some difficult and unexpected events in their lives, and they have difficulty understanding the meaning behind these events. You can get stuck in denial and/or despair and/or anger, or you find some meaning behind it all. I have always tried to be empathetic to my clients going through difficulty moments, but now it is a bit different for me - I think I can actually relate on some level. I just feel that Quinn is helping me in so many areas of my life. Some people call individuals with Down syndrome genetically enhanced - what I really think it is that they can enhance parents and others around them.

Sometimes an event that brings you so much pain can also bring you so much comfort and happiness. Sometimes you have to decide if you are going to be a victim or a survivor. Sometimes it is not a disability, but actually an ability. And sometimes you take four steps forward and then slide three steps back. But that is alright. This is a journey that I am learning from. I think it will be a journey that changes me more than any other one.

You know how you read those fairy tales and there is a moral to the story? Won't it be interesting at the end of my life to know what was the moral to my story? I really hope it is a good one, and it centers on this journey as a family.


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