Monday, March 2, 2009

Meet Another Quinn's Crusader: Aidan, Age 4

Quinn has another big brother, Aidan, age four. He will be her protector; I can feel it. Anyway, with Aidan I notice something way cool - he doesn't really seem to think that Quinn is different than the rest of us - she is just his sister and someone that he loves. We have as a family started doing more with the Down syndrome community, so we are at a lot of events where there are people with special needs. Does Aidan notice anything different about them, no. To Aidan, they are people just like the rest of us. I think about this a lot and how this is EXACTLY what I want him to do. He does "know" that his sister has Down syndrome because the other day the term was mentioned and Aidan said, "Oh Quinny has that." He knows, but he treats her the same. That is my dream for my little girl and her big brother is already doing that for her. Another awesome thing that Aidan said about Quinn was that she is a pretty princess. He just knows how to get at my heart.


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