Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Meaning of Quinn's Name

A while ago, Quinn’s Godmother Janelle gave Quinn a picture that hangs just over her crib in her room. This picture gives me so much comfort, so I try to read it at least twice a week. This is what it says:

Origin: German
Meaning: ‘queen’
Quick to give herself to a worthy cause
Her smile is most unforgettable
She helps others to achieve their goals
She treats her family tenderly
Quinn believes in striving for excellence
She’s admired for her contemporary style
She enjoys new and interesting experiences
She’s considered wise by all who know her

Quinn has helped us all become crusaders, and to learn, grow, and achieve. She is wise and loving. And she will take adventures and excel, while of course having her contemporary style. This picture has every wish I could possibly have for my daughter listed right there in black and white. I just have to keep reminding myself that she will just achieve all of them, maybe in a different way than others, but that is what makes Quinn the blessing that she is. Thanks Janelle for the picture - you have no idea how it has helped me.


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