Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Last Ones by Matthew West

Matthew West’s album History includes a song called The Last Ones. West met a young girl named Taylor, who happens to have Down syndrome, when he was performing in Kansas City. Taylor’s father was assisting at West’s concert, so she was present during his rehearsals and sound checks. In various interviews, West admits that when he first met Taylor he felt sorry for her. Unfortunately I remember that feeling before I had Quinn in my life. I am ashamed to admit that now, but yes I was once like that. I appreciate that Quinn became part of my life to help me. Going back to West, the more West came to know Taylor, he began to see that God has a real purpose for her life and began to personally experience the impact she can have upon others. The Last One became a part of his album History because the concept of the album was that history makers come in all shapes and sizes, including those like Taylor with Down syndrome. Let’s also celebrate Quinn’s place in history and the impact she has on others, starting with her mommy.

Here are the lyrics to West’s song:

My friend Taylor she's an angel
Ten years old and beautiful
She's a living, breathing miracle
And she proves it everyday '
Cause the odds were stacked against her from the day that she arrived here
And the doctors told her mom and dad she'd always be that way
And I confess when I first met her I was thinking life's not fair
But then she wrapped her arms around my neck And it all became so clear

God bless the last ones

One day Taylor sent me a picture from her Special Olympics race
And I could tell just by the looks of it she was coming in last place
But she crossed that finish line with a smile upon her face as if to say

God bless the last ones

Maybe the last ones are the lucky ones
The ones who got this whole thing figured out
'Cause when they go looking for something beautiful
They start looking from the inside out

On our way into the restaurant we passed a homeless man
He was half drunk and half asleep with a paper cup in his hand
And I confess when I first saw him I was thinking life's not fair
But then Taylor reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck
And it all became so clear

God bless the last ones

I wish we could all be the lucky ones
The ones who've got this whole thing figured out
Maybe the next time we go looking for beautiful we'll try looking from the inside out

God bless the last ones

The song is a really beautiful one, and I am so happy I stumbled upon it. It made me think that given the recent comments made by the President and how society in general portrays those with disabilities and in the Special Olympics, maybe we should really contemplate the meaning of what West is saying to us here. I do think there is great wisdom in individuals with Down syndrome in how they love and care for others. We all could learn a thing or two from having Down syndrome in our lives. Thanks for reading,


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  1. Matthew West is AWESOME. I got to meet him at one of his concerts and he sang this song for Kennedy :). He's a really great guy!