Sunday, November 29, 2009

Please Sponsor an Angel

Tonight Riley and I selected our little one from Reece's Rainbow that we are going to sponsor for the Christmas Angel Tree. I just got our donation ready to go out in the mail tomorrow. If you haven't checked out Reece's Rainbow, please go HERE or to the bauble on the left. Reece's Rainbow helps little ones with DS from other countries find their forever families and avoid placement in mental hospitals where they won't receive treatment and will likely die at a very young age.

Please, please check this out - and please consider making a donation or telling others about Reece's Rainbow.

I often think about what if Quinn was born in another country (funny thought I know since she would be born to me and I'm here, but just bear with me and my strange line of reasoning). BUT if she was born in one of these other countries, she probably wouldn't have received treatment for IS and she would have regressed and had a horrible life. She would probably be laying in her crib all day with nothing to do and nobody to love. It really saddens me that other little ones are going through this. It is really happening.

Just to tell you a little about our choice, Ivy. She is an at-risk girl. Hopefully she will find a family soon, otherwise she will be moved to a mental hospital where there is no turning back and leaving after that. Ivy was born September 16, 2005. She has sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. She is described as a favorite at her orphanage. She walks and does many things independently. She has several words and is very active. She is healthy, with no heart condition. She is facing the institution, and she needs to find a family soon. Riley was drawn to Ivy and thought she was very cute. We are praying that she finds her family - she deserves that.

Also check this story out - it also involves a little one found on Reece's Rainbow.

If this 11-year-old girl could do something, why can't you?



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  1. I adore Ivy! I'm so glad you're sponsoring her :)

    We are adopting through Reece's Rainbow - I wish we could take them all home!