Sunday, November 22, 2009

Placing Politics Aside

I didn't get a chance to watch the Sarah Palin interview on 20/20 on Friday night. I came home from work and just crashed because of the very long work week. I did get to watch it on youtube though. You can check it out there if you didn't see the interview. Out of protest for the repeated violation of person-first language, I am not going to link it here. Check it out if you want, it was pretty easy to find. I would just think that professional people in the television industry would be more conscientious about using person-first language. Oops I forgot that individuals with disabilities are discriminated against every day and they don't often get the same press and voice as other minority groups do - silly me, just how could I forget (sarcasm dripping from my fingertips as I write this).

I have mixed feelings about Palin. Even though we aren't on the same side of the fence politically, she is a kindred spirit on this journey. I always have to see whatever she has going related to her son, Trig. She is another mother who received a prenatal diagnosis just like me and because of that there is some connection or interest there. I don't expect those who don't have a child with DS to get it - how can I be drawn in this way to someone who is so politically different than me? It is just that you gravitate towards the stories of those who have something in common with your experience. This tells you that you are not alone - something I battle all the time.

Anyway, I found the article (link is below) very interesting. This story - the story of her son's diagnosis and birth was very interesting. Check it out HERE...

Here is a quote from the story and her book:

"God knew me: I was busy. Got to go-go-go. I’d always yapped about how lucky I was that my kids were all healthy over-achievers, self-sufficient. Now, I thought, I’ve got a tough job and other kids who need me. I just couldn’t imagine how I could add a baby with special needs and make it all work.

Unless He knows me better than I know myself, I thought a bit dismissively, God won’t give me a special-needs child."

Drat...she had to ruin it at the end with the violation of person-first language. But I forgive that because the message here in this part is something I can SOOOOOOOOO relate to.

Ok politically I am different from Palin, but I recognize that she is like me in this significant way. She has found strength from having a child with a disability. And for this, I honor her today.


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