Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boys will be Boys

With all the hoopla about Quinn lately - I haven't commented on the boys. They are staying active and wrestling with each other. They are being their wild selves. Right now I have a boy (named Aidan) throwing toys down the stairs as I type this - such a great past time! I often wonder how this is for them having a sister with a disability. It definately changes their lives - hopefully for the better in so many ways. Currently it is changing their lives in terms of headaches from Quinn's periodic screaming - she is not loving the shots. I want to find a ticker to count down the days. Thankfully it will come before Christmas.

Anyway, back to the boys - what I love best about them is their distinct personalities. Riley is usually Mr. Responsible. I say usually because he is going through a thing lately with turning nine soon. Overall though he wants to know about the way of the world and loves learning. Aidan is Mr. Goofy Guy. His big thing currently is wetting down his hair and then coming out of the bathroom like he is Rico Suave. That guy is going to be something when he gets older. He is all about the ladies. Two boys who look so much alike who are so different. I love seeing them together with each other and really hope someday Quinn is in the mix with them. That would be a dream come true.


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