Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Awareness Begins at Home

Last night I came home from work to find out that I had a situation to follow upon. Aidan and Riley were looking at photos on the computer from a recent event at school. A photo came up of a little girl who happens to have a disability. Aidan said to Riley that this girl was a dork and weirdo. Deep breath. How can this be? How can one of my own children say such a thing when his little sister is sitting right there who also happens to have a disability. On the good side, Riley was outraged about this. So I had a heart-to-heart with Aidan last night about this issue - we do not make fun of those who are different, namely those who are differently-abled. We celebrate them.

Would I have had this conversation if Quinn was not in our lives?

Probably, but I would not have the passion in my heart, the pain in my eyes, and the powerful significance behind my words. I owe all that to Quinn.

Although Aidan doesn't tend to be too serious most of the time, he totally got it. I could see in his eyes he was sorry. The power of all that comes from Quinn, my little girl who is so not loving life right now and who appears to be suffering from these shots. The shots that I both love and hate - love because I hope it will bring relief, but hate because I can see that it is making her very uncomfortable. These are the same feelings I have had about that extra 21st chromosome - a love-hate relationship.

Some people will never know (or just do not want to understand) what I experience and they will never truly get what you sometimes have to do for your child. God bless the ones who do know or at least try to understand.


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  1. I suppose on the upside Aidan apparently doesn't see Quinn as disabled or he would have made that connection on his own. I'm still waiting for the day I have to have that conversation with Laurie. You know, the day she overhears the R-word in school, or someone says something mean about her sister or whatever. A kid did say Kayla had no brain, but after a call to the principal, apparently it was just an innocent question because Laurie was trying to explain Down syndrome and autism and the other kid didn't quite understand!