Monday, May 11, 2009

The Miss America Wave

This weekend we went to the indoor waterpark for Mother's Day. It is kind of a tradition for us. Not that I love waterparks (as someone who wears contact lens it is not the best place to be with water splashing in your eyes), but I love seeing the boys have fun - so it is a great place to be in that respect. Quinn and I spent a lot of time together (and we forgot the camera of course)! Once we sat next to the lazy river. I was holding Quinn across my shoulder and I kept seeing these people floating by waving and smiling. I thought maybe they thought Quinn was cute or someone was behind us. Then when we got home last night, Quinn started to show her Miss America wave to me while sitting across the room. Up to this point, she tends to look at her hands a lot (so aggravating to try to break this behavior), but doesn't really use them to communicate other than signing more. She was really waving! I guess this was what she was doing to the people floating on the lazy river. And her clueless mom didn't realize - lol.


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