Monday, May 4, 2009

Jamie Foxx

Riley, Aidan and I LOVE LOVE American Idol. At this time it is the biggest show on television in our house - other than the boys' obsession with Phinnaeus and Ferb. This year is especially exiting for us, as Riley's previous Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Gokey, is Danny Gokey's sister-in-law. We are are practically celebrities ourselves just because of this connection! Can you guess who the boys are hoping will win? I, however, am all about Adam!

Last week was especially exciting because Jamie Foxx was the mentor to the Idol contestants. During the show, I told Riley how Jamie Foxx's sister has Down syndrome. She lives with him, he talked about her during his Oscar acceptance speech for Ray, and his sister is in one of his latest videos. Check it out here. The best part is the end where he points to her and mouths "That's my sister!" Riley didn't watch the video - the nightclub setting after all - but he found all this very very interesting. You should have seen the smile on Riley's face when I told him about this!

I hope someday my boys love their sister as much as Jamie Foxx loves his. Who knows, maybe Quinn will be in their rock band videos. She will be a cutie with style after all!


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