Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nothing Like the Sound of Quinny in the Morning

As I am typing this, I hear Quinny in her crib two floors up - clear as day. She is babbling. It is the cutest little sound to hear. She has been doing great. She is moving around so much lately - all around the living room and even into the kitchen. We actually have to shut the door to the stairway to the basement because she is so mobile. I honestly never thought this day would come. She is working on her crawling and getting stronger and closer to getting the hang of it each day. I saw her go a little ways to get her FAVORITE toy. Again, I honestly never thought this day would come. I am beginning to realize how much the seizures did impact her and now that they are gone how she is doing so much better. Things seem to be coming together for her lately. She loves it when we sing to her and when I start row-row-row your boat, she grabs my hands to do the back and forth thing - happiness!!!!!

The boys are gearing up for Christmas and I haven't even started my own shopping. Luckily Neal took care of the kids. This has been the most hectic year of my life. I am on vacation from my full-time job this and next week and wouldn't you know five of the ten days have gotten eaten up with work from two of my part-time jobs. Oh well, at least that is progress - I am not working the 70 hour week I usually do. I guess things aren't going so smooth for me because twice in the last week medical professions (my ob/gyn and chiropractor) tried to have a serious talk with me about when am I going to take some time for myself and slow down. I must not be a spring chicken anymore - ha ha - so I guess that is a sign that I have to maybe drop some weight and take better care of myself. That would help. Oh but to find the energy to get on the treadmill after working 14 hours - that is another thing.


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