Sunday, December 13, 2009

Four More Shots

After today Quinn has four more shots! We are moving into the home stretch. I am so appreciative to be here right at this moment because, quite honestly, we were through hell and back.

The only problem now is that I am paranoid about seizures. I am on high lookout when with Quinn for anything that might be interpreted as a seizure. I haven't seen anything, but it is nerve wrecking to be watching and thinking about it. How long with this last? Hopefully not so long - at some point I would think that I can let go of this.

Oh and Quinn's poor legs. It makes me sad to see the state of her legs - the result of eight weeks of injections. I hope she heals fast, so that reminder is no longer.

But for anyone going through this horrible experience of IS and ACTH - just know that it can be over at some point. We are getting a fantastic present just before Christmas!


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