Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Girl I Love

First, can I just say that isn't this girl the cutest?

I could look at her all day.

Here we are with things - at least the diagnoses:
1. Down syndrome - no biggie.
2. Infantile Spasms - sucky. But the good news is that there hasn't been any more seizures and her med is supposed to help prevent them now.
3. Stereotypic Movement Disorder - the jury is out on how I feel about this one, but it is very stressful to see these when you fear seizures all the time.
4. Now the neuro wants an eval by a neuropsychologist. Why you ask? Well I don't know - I wasn't at the appointment and did not have the opportunity to ask, but I have my suspicions of what he may be thinking is there PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder). I am basing this on the questions he asked Neal. I just don't know about whether that is something with her though. The last few days she has been so interactive. The more I watch her, the less I am convinced.

But today all of the above doesn't matter because just consider how cute cute cute my girl is. She is the best daughter a mom could have and I am blessed. Oh the power of mighty Quinn.


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  1. Your daughter is adorable, I could just give her a hug. I am not a mother, I am doing homework on adoption and let me tell you, if I saw this little beauty she would make me jump through hoops to have share my life. God bless your whole family.