Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quinny Plays the Drum...Plays the Drum

We have this drum from way back - way back when Riley was a little bitty guy. Now he is half the way to adulthood (he just turned nine). Someone told me that about Riley yesterday and I was like HOLY COW - HALF THE WAY TO ADULTHOOD!!! Sorry, I digress. Anyway, this drum was Riley's toy, Aidan's toy, and then was to be Quinn's.

Up to this point, Quinn hasn't really ever played with a toy other than just using her rattles (which she loves) and accidentally here and there hitting keys on the piano (just randomly and not purposefully).

I felt stuck like will my girl ever play with these toys of her's, even the hand-me-down ones from her big brothers.

Tonight I saw a beautiful thing - my little girl was playing with the drum.

She would purposefully hit her rattle against the drum and then the song would play "everyone play the the drum." She would pause during the song and then once it was over, hit the rattle against the drum. Over and over again she would do this on purpose.


With the boys, I just took things like this for granted - what it takes to do this, to think this through and make this decision and figure out the toy. Thank you Quinny for always showing me the way and teaching me to stop and consider the beauty of the "small" stuff. Small stuff can be HUGE and worth celebrating.


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