Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quinn, You Get OUT of Your Brother's Room!?

So much has changed with Quinn since she stopped the ACTH it is just remarkable. Unbelievable. A blessing. Today she actually kept going into her brother Riley's room to hang out. My little girl would travel from way out in the living room, around the corner, through the doorway and then settle into Ri's room to beat her rattle up against various belongings of his. Oh yeah, she does take her rattle with her. She moves fast - a girl who knows what she wants. Riley just laughed at this. He knows this is happiness and a blessing. We told her to get out. We tried to be serious. We brought her back to the living room, and she would travel there again and again and again. Like I said, I have a beautiful little girl who knows what she wants.

Right now I have relaxation flowing over me and happiness in my heart.

Might seem small to some, but after so long of sitting and doing nothing, this is absolutely heaven.


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