Friday, September 25, 2009


Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I am not even sure if I have many readers anyway, but nonetheless I look at my own blog and see the limited postings. My life has been hectic lately to say the least. I have been thinking about a lot lately, but haven't had much time to write about things or follow on the things I need to do. It seems like every other minute there is something new I need to attend to. But I need to set that aside tonight and take a little time for me.

Anyway, I do want to take a moment and talk about some great things - I can't go on and on about how very tired I am. I must state the following - I am so grateful to everyone for receiving such wonderful donations and support for our DS Awareness Walk. Janelle if you read this, you rock. Quinn is blessed to have you in her life. You have raised more money than anyone on our team and you are someone who gives so much to others. Thanks Wendy for being a great cheerleader to me and putting up with my stressed out rants. Wow the donations from so many beautiful people we know (you know who you are) - some of you I see all the time and some I don't get to see that much anymore - your gesture just lifts my spirit on how accepted and loved my beautiful daughter will be someday. THANK YOU!


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  1. I'm reading!!! :) I'm behind a lot, but I usually catch up eventually! Hope your buddy walk goes GREAT!!!