Sunday, September 27, 2009

Robert Pio Hajjar

This video is so inspiring and educational for all of us. It came into my life at such an important time for me and lifted my spirits at a time I needed it. Robert Pio Hajjar is such a beautiful, loving person. A leader who asks all of us about what is our vision, our purpose. Do something positive, like him! He looks at the positive, not negative. He is the founder of IDEAL-WAY, which believes every person should be included, deserving, equal, appreciated and loved. So true. So important. He builds us up instead of tearing us down and he taps into the philosophy of positive psychology, building on the strengths. I can't express how much hearing his message meant to me. He is the voice of my daughter. I cried tears of joy. Please watch. You won't regret it.



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  2. I'm so glad that this video came into your life at exactly the moment you needed it, Karyn. As a board member of, I can attest to the fact that Robert is, indeed, a "beautiful, loving person." Every single day is "greeeeaat!", according to Robert, and he has made it his life purpose to inspire others to follow their dreams, just as he did!

    Thanks for posting this video on your blog, Karyn!

  3. As CEO of IDEAL WAY, I have learned that most will agree,"We are ALL more alike than we are different." has an update of what Robert and IDEAL WAY have planned for March 21, 2014. It's a 'World First' event where the City of London, Ontario will be making a statement in favour of "INCLUSION" which, we hope and pray, will be the spearhead for a worldwide new movement for INCLUSION.
    All are welcome to participate in the morning and/or the evening events. Blessings.