Sunday, September 6, 2009


I promised Riley I wouldn't go into all the details on my blog, but every other day lately he has come along with a confession about himself for either myself or his daddy. Not sure what inspired all of this - especially since some of these confessions date back to the age of three (he is eight now). But as a parent, one could look at this in a positive manner - it means he is honest and will have guilt if he does something someday that is wrong. In addition, it also means that he is responsible and I know he will watch over Quinn (and not spend up her money) if we aren't around. That is all reassuring.

Anyway, Riley's ongoing confessions made me think about how when one becomes honest about something, it can be all so freeing. After the first confession (which was quite interesting), he felt that he could tell us anything. And so he has continued. And continued. He has even started sharing his current dreams for possible dream interpretation. I have seen this trend at work too. When a client starts opening up and trusting that they can share certain things with me, pretty soon they share all kind of things. It is a release. It becomes therapeutic to not only be open with others, but mainly yourself.

Quinn has done this for me. Before Quinn I would never have admitted certain things about myself - my life. I would under most circumstances and places have portrayed my life as near-perfection. I certainly wouldn't have talked so openly about difficult feelings or even have had a blog like this. But the reality of this situation is that it was not perfection back then - even with two typical children, things were certainly not perfection. But Quinn helped me become honest about this. I wonder how many people with typical families don't share their fears, concerns, feelings because of the drive for perfection. I know people like this. Once I "confessed" having a child with DS, it was all so freeing and the honesty flooded out like with Riley's multiple confessions. I wish this for others and am thankful for this experience. Once again the power of Quinn is apparent in my life.


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