Sunday, August 30, 2009

Having a Moment

Our anniversary was nice. We went out for drinks and dinner. I felt like a grown-up for once - ha ha. Maybe we can be grown-up more often because we found out this week that we qualified for respite care, which is way cool. What it involves is that we will get reimbursement for child care for so many hours each month for us to go out or take a break. It is through an organization for families with children with disabilities. We applied for it right after Quinn was born, and our name finally came up on the waiting list. Now the true test will be actually taking the time to use the hours. It would be nice though - especially for Neal - since he spends so much time with the kids. I think that is a nice idea this respite care, to help families and parents. So many times we hear about the negative stuff - like the risk of divorce, but this counters that.

Now to the title of this post...Aidan just cracks me up. Last night after Neal and I came home, the boys were still up. Aidan came over and sat by me. He was kissing me (little pecks on the lips) and then when Neal asked me a question (interrupting the kiss), Aidan replies "Um we are having a moment here!" Where does this guy get this stuff?? Just two more days until he starts Kindergarten. I am getting my Kleenex ready.

Today he asked me if I would break up with his dad, so he can marry me. The day after our 11th year anniversary, he asks me this??? The guy has no shame - ha ha. I explained to him that the day will come when he won't want to marry his mother (gee I hope it does), so he will someday thank me for not breaking up with his dad. There is never a boring moment around here. Riley just laughs at such conversations and Quinn doesn't know what a goofy bunch she has joined into.

I feel like school is starting for me too. Tomorrow I go into work on a Monday for the first time in 10 years. I changed my schedule to make things more manageable. I will also start teaching at MU tomorrow night - I am way excited!!!


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  1. So sweet! When I was a little girl, I remember telling my Dad I was going to marry him. (Freud must have been on to something!) When my mom told me that little girls couldn't marry their daddies, I told them that I'd live with them forever and be the housekeeper, like Alice on the Brady Bunch! Aaah, the minds of 4 year olds! ~Courtney