Saturday, August 29, 2009

11 Years

Eleven years ago, on a Saturday, Neal and I were married. It was the end to a crazy, crazy week which included Neal and friends moving our stuff to Evanston, my dissertation defense (note that your committee is nicer to you when they know you are getting married in like three days), my last day of my internship (the day before our wedding), and then all the usual wedding stuff on top of it - rehearsal dinner and actual wedding. All that should have been foreshadowing for how our life would be - always action packed, a lot going on, fast-paced, and never boring. I thank Neal for putting up with that part of me because I have a feeling it really originates from me and my tendency to over-extend myself.

Since our wedding 11 years ago, we have moved twice, bought our own house, had three beautiful kids, taken vacations, changed and left jobs, experienced losses, loved life and one another. I am not a mushy person (anyone who knows me, knows that), but I am taken by this 11 years thing. Maybe because this is the first time that our anniversary actually came up on a Saturday in all the 11 years. Maybe because I look at our beautiful children and think that they wouldn't exist if it wasn't for 11 years ago. Maybe because 11 years is a long time - longer than 10.

Thank you Neal for the past 11 years. I know I am not always an easy person to live with - with all my quirks and all. But thanks for the commitment. That commitment and partnership is so important in raising children, especially one with a disability. Looking forward to the next 11. Love, Karyn


  1. Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! We love your picture:)

  3. Thanks Karyn for your kind words. It means a lot to me. I wish I could do more for you so you don't have such a crazy life. You are a great mother and wife and I am glad to have you as my best friend.


  4. Hope you had a great anniversary!

    Wait a minute ... you have a Steak & Shake? Are you in WI??! Did I know that!???

  5. What a lovely post. Congratulations!