Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Little Man

My little bubbie turns five today! Where did my preschooler go? He starts Kindergarten in the fall AND now he is five. He is VERY excited because today is his birthday party!

Some of the best things about Bubbie:

-He has spirit.
-He isn't shy about expressing how he feels.
-He wants to marry me :>)
-He has the best laugh - boy does he love to laugh.
-He is strong.
-He is loyal.
-The eyelashes - just wow.

Here's a happy birthday song for you, Aidie!

Lastly, here is a story I wrote a while ago about my Bubbie -

My Bubbie, Aidan:

Quiet. My life was just too quiet before my Aidan came into it. Aidan is all about spirit, determination, and just plain spunk. He helped make our house a home. He helped make us a family. It all started when we wanted a second child for our family, a sibling for Riley. Before we knew it, we had a little one on the way. The pregnancy went well. No complications. On the day of the ultrasound, Neal and Riley were so happy when they found out that the baby was a boy. I remember watching as they pumped their fists into the air. Like a victory that they would outnumber me. Since Riley was born three weeks early and because I was already dilating, my doctor decided that we would “strip my membranes,” so that Aidan could come the weekend she was on call. Aidan started to show his attitude. He waited until Monday to come! In case you didn’t know, a key part of Aidan’s personality is that he will do things when he wants to and on his own. My water broke late Monday afternoon when I was home alone with then three-year-old Riley. We rushed around – called Neal to come home from work. By 5:30 pm we were at the hospital and Aidan arrived at 9:30pm on August 2, 2004. 8 pounds 12 ounces and 20 inches long. STONG STRONG STRONG. That is Aidan, strong – at three-years-old he could pin his then seven-year-old brother on the floor. He showed his attitude for the second time by coming into this world face-up and needing the suction cup to assist him into making his grand entry. Figures, he always wants to see what is going on. Riley LOVED having a little brother. He insisted on taking a photo of him to preschool the next day. He wanted to hold his little brother and kiss him over and over again. They fight occasionally now, but there is still a bond so strong between those two little guys.

Memories….like photos flashing before me in my mind. In no particular order. Aidan peeing on his daddy time after time during his diaper changes. Dancing to Salt – n – Pepper’s “Push It.” Coloring on his legs. Calling a blanket a “night night.” Demanding to watch his “show” or get his juice cup filled. Saying “I can’t want.” Broken arm – daddy what were you thinking by putting him up on the counter? A hospital stay at 18 months for a staph infection. Scary time – wondering if my little Aidie would be ok – having to fight him in helping the nurses get the IV where it needed to go. Going with him as they wheeled him into surgery. My little Bubbie. That is what I call him. That or Aidie. Bubbie comes from a joke that we told Riley. He wanted to know who did something in the house (I don’t even remember what it was), but it was obviously spirited Aidan who did it. We told him it was Bubba from France, which turned into Bubbie. Or Bubbie Sweet. Only mommy calls him Bubbie. Aidie was a nickname that Riley came up with. One that stuck. Aidan introduced himself at three-years-old as “Aidie.” The cutest thing you ever will see. More memories…laughter, wrestling with Riley, bloody noses, yelling, eating, loving ketchup, running, climbing, jumping, moving, moving, moving. Aidan cuddling with our dog, Belvedere, telling him that he is his best friend. Aidan as a baby getting so angry if you ate anything in front of him without offering it to him. His daycare teachers said they never saw anyone quite like that. Getting weaned from breastfeeding because “he decided” – same with all other milestones – bottles, potty training, sleeping in the crib. If Aidan wants something, he goes after it!

When he learned that he would have a little sister, it took him a while to get excited. We turned the corner the day I was telling the family about my recent ultrasound of Quinn and how the doctor saw her chubby cheeks. Aidan laughed and laughed. He said she had chubby butt checks. I tried explaining, but he wasn’t getting it. He started talking about how they had to move her underwear to see her butt cheeks. Imagine his vision of her inside mommy – fully clothed, maybe even wearing shoes. When Riley tried to explain that Quinny (as Aidie calls her) was naked, he laughed and laughed. Imagine being naked. Riley pointed out that Aidan entered the world naked as well and that EVERYONE saw his penis. Laughter…laughter…laughter. Aidan brings so much laughter into our home.

Aidan will be an awesome big brother to Quinny. I know he will challenge her – he challenges us all with his energy and drive. I can also see that he will be her protector. He loves his little sister.

Eyelashes. Aidan has the WORLD’s LONGEST EYELASHES. They melt your heart. Even when you are as frustrated as can be over something he just did. The other day I told him that he has my eyes. He hasn’t understood this before, but on this day he went to the mirror, looked, and finally got it. He immediately started to shout out how he has mommy’s eyes and Riley has the same eyes and Belvedere, the dog, does too (that took more explaining, how Belvedere isn’t related to us all). When I look at Aidan I see parts of myself. I see my spunk, my stubborn ways. OK I finally admit that he must get this from me (don’t tell my husband, Neal, or my mother who told me to watch out someday). That is why I always say Bubbie to him. It is like some little connection that he and I have. He is part of me, and even though at times his strong mind can be frustrating – it is the same strong mind that I possess, so I have to smile. And I know that this strong mind of his is going to make him a success someday – along with the eyelashes!

As I am writing this, I hear Aidan’s voice. He brings excitement, laughter, and a family into our home. I need Aidan in my life as much as he needs me. We are two of a kind, my Bubbie and me!


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  1. Happy 5th Birthday Aidan! I didn't realize how close Nate's birthday is to Aidans. Aidan sounds like a really great kid. Thanks for sharing your reflections of your Bubbie.