Saturday, October 30, 2010

IEPs Should Not Be Like Buying a Car

Quinn has started early childhood classes. And she LOVES it!!!

The whole process setting this up sucked. We are happy that we finally got what we did; she is going to four half-days per week and then we are supplementing with private therapies, including music therapy - my girl will be a rock star - ha ha. BUT that being said, the whole process was well...I'd better not say. Let's just say I would insert a bad word greater then sucked back there. As many of you who visit here know, things have been complicated in the last year with additional diagnoses which have greatly impacted Quinn's development. This was minimized and the OFFER from the school district was two half-days a week of school. It was said that they don't do more. When we didn't immediately agree, then they still only offered three half-days a week. What is this back and forth crap, am I shopping for a new car? Then we walked out the room without signing the IEP. After I informed them that I would be getting an advocate to just make sure because her placement should be based on her individual needs and not what they tend to do in our school district, their tune completely changed. We could get whatever we wanted. Crazy, huh? I didn't even get the advocate, I just said I was going to. Kind of makes a person believe they weren't doing what they were supposed to. Anyway, we settled on four days a week versus five because then Quinn could go to just one school for all four days (if it was five, she would have to go to one school for three days and another for two).


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  1. You need to remember that public school has nothing to do with educating the next generation.