Friday, November 12, 2010

Just the Way You Are

I love you Quinn, just the way you are!



  1. This is great! Those kids are adorable!

  2. I really liked the video. Thank you! The little girl is beautiful, particularly her movements and expressions. My son Christopher has an extra copy of Chromosome 21 too. Chrissie has quite severe dyspraxia. Have you ever checked out "Communicating Partners" at We have found it a real help. He can't talk much, but he communicates very nicely, thank you!

  3. This is so precious..special.. just like Quinny and the amazing young man who tells her she is so beautiful just the way she is!

  4. I have stumbled upon your Blog and I am so grateful! I have such a heart for those with Down Syndrome. Your daughter is beautiful and I pray she never has to live a day knowing what a precious gift from God she is. God Bless...

  5. Hi Quinn´s Crusade. Really I love the video. It´s incredible when the family are there ALWAYS.!
    I´m student & I´m only pass to check another blogs, but really.... She´s so BEAUTIFUL.!
    Thanks for make me SMILE :D
    My best wishes for the family.! She´s a gift from God, take care

  6. I like this, all photos very nice