Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happiness and Sadness

My baby girl turned three on Wednesday. Her development has been just taking off. Two weeks ago she started saying Mama, dog and all done (all done is a little joke she says a lot, when she isn't all done she says it and then smiles when we tell her she isn't all done). She has been coming up to her brothers so much more that her brother Aidan now complains that she is getting into his toys too much - ha ha. She makes more eye contact and will thread her fingers through yours. I feel like things are better and she is just so beautiful (see her three year old photos) and then on Thursday we received the results of the neuropsychological eval that claims she has autism. I say claims because the two times I witnessed Quinn crawl right up to the neuropsychologist are not mentioned in the eval. Down syndrome is referred to as Down's Syndrome throughout the eval. And I was the one who had to tell them about George Capone, who we are now going to try to see when my life calms down enough for me to pursue that. All the neuropsychologist did after I told her about George Capone is look his photo up on the web (she actually admitted that to me). Maybe I am just not accepting the inevitable, but I don't understand this. The neuropsychologist told us TWICE that she knew how we felt. The last time she said it I basically went off on her that, as a helping professional myself, I can tell her that statements like that do not help. Now I have to contact her again to tell her that I want an addendum to the report mentioning that Down's Syndrome should be Down syndrome and mentioning the crawling up to her, and correct another error in the report. There is always something... But I do have my beautiful girl and it is so great that she is more interactive. I can't believe she is becoming more interactive just now when we receive such a diagnosis. Maybe someday I will write Autistic Disorder on the side of this blog, but for right now, I cannot stomach it.



  1. Quinn you look so beautiful in your pictures. Yellow must be your color. Happy early birthday big girl!

    I have no words Karyn. I'm just here.

  2. Quinn is definitely a beautiful little girl. Don't let that doctor get to you! Quinn is continuing to develop and grow every day.

  3. Karyn, I haven't read all of your blog - this post caught my attention - but it looks great and your children are beautiful. I'm mom to two incredible autistics - 17 & 12 years old now - and was diagnosed myself at age 40. Don't believe the hype and misinformation out there about autism. There's so much stereotypical garbage - comparable to the fallacies once commonly held about Down Syndrome. My son also has physical disabilities and is an accomplished pianist and dancer, in his first year of university. Quinn will grow up to be an amazing woman, regardless of the labels.

  4. Hi!
    Dropped by your blog and I must say that your daughter is so beautiful! -And so is your boys ;)

    Have a nice evening (here in Norway the clock is 10:45 p.m).