Tuesday, July 7, 2009

For Today

At least five times this past week the topic of what Quinn is doing has come up in conversation. So what new things is Quinn doing? Is she walking? Crawling? Feeding herself? Etc. etc. etc. Ok there has been some new things - she, of course, has great posture (she loves to sit) and she doesn't just randomly fall over to lay on the floor - at least she eases herself down now. No crawling yet, but some stretching and forward sliding across the floor. She will stand by furniture if you place her there. But overall, I have very limited responses to this subject when asked because not a lot has happened.

Tonight I was thinking about this, and I vow at least for today that I don't care about these milestones. Quinn is Quinn. She is healthy. She is happy. She is here. Nothing like having a friend realize that their chid has leukemia to put these things into perspective. Isn't this what is really important? So at least today I will think this way, hopefully tomorrow and the next day I will too. But I will likely relapse in the milestone-itis. It is inevitable, but I will just go back to this post when I do. I will remind myself that Quinn will get there when she gets there. I love her no matter what. And she is happy, healthy, and here.



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  2. If I spelled things right the first time I would not have to remove a comment...LOL!


    Karen I share your atttitude. Frustrations are normal but quite honestly our children really will do their thing when they are ready to do it. Right now Quinn is just taking in the world and building on her receptive language skills. Learning all those grammar rules and such. Just you wait...in time you will forget at what age she began crawling and for how long....till she was a walker. Some children just don't need lots of practice to master these skills.

  3. Hi Karyn -
    I am right there with you! In fact, just a month or so ago I was throwing a big pity party for myself because I was upset that Anna seemed to be in a holding pattern. http://annabananapants.blogspot.com/2009/05/therapy-pt-evaluationgrrrrrrr.html

    Shame on me! Over the next week, Anna proceeded to show off a number of new skills. It was like she was storing them all up and waiting for the right time put on a show.

    I agree - the questions from others are the hardest. If I really don't have anything new to share with them, I usually say something like - "God is using Anna to teach us about patience...again." :)

    BTW - how old is Quinn? I am guessing she is close in age to Anna (15 mos. in 1 wk).