Monday, July 20, 2009

Aidan Update

Aidan had his IEP today and was identified for speech services. He will start these services when he goes into Kindergarten. So enters our new adventure with IEPs and special education. Aidan is helping us get ready for Quinn's transition, which is way cool.

Last night I had Extreme Home Makeover on while I was working on my laptop with the kids playing at my feet. Aidan made a little joke about the kid on the show who has a disability. Riley told him that isn't right to make fun of someone with a disability (way to do Mr. Advocate, Riley). Then I had a talk with Aidan about Quinn having Down syndrome. It was the first time I sat him down and told him AND he appeared to listen (he is usually a boy on the move - ha ha). He dropped his head and you could tell he felt bad for making fun of the kid on tv. He then went over and kissed Quinn.

But we will if this new found sensitivity will last and in what areas...Aidan was just pretend playing and said "Thanks for going, you losers." Not sure what or who he was talking to/about - but that guy is always entertaining and I'm not sure where he gets this stuff.


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