Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Power of Something

Imagine being stuck in nothing.

Nothing happening.

A whole lot of NOTHING.

Why is nothing happening?

That isn't all.

You are constantly reminded that you are different from even those who are different.

You hear all about the happenings of others - the things they are learning and doing - and then all you have is nothing much happening.

Reminders all the time.

The others - those with DS and those who are typical. Story after story.

You begin to feel like an outcast.

You begin to wonder why you? Why your child? Why?

But I am lucky, I realize. Because now I have something. It is a miracle and a blessing.

The power of something.

Tonight it was unbelievable. Quinn recognized me, smiled a wide smile, and quickly crawled to me.

That is something. Your child recognizing you, moving, and loving you!

This might seem small to some, but it is huge when you were stuck in the muck of nothing.

There is a power to having something happen - especially when you felt that you were destined for a whole lot of nothing.

Thank you something.

I hate seizures. But once again I am struck with what they taught me.

So ironic.


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