Friday, February 19, 2010

I Just Want LOVE, Not Politics

I have been quiet lately. A lot is going on, but I just haven't had the energy to blog until now. I have to say this though...

All I want is LOVE and not stupid politics.

I hate politics. Not as much as I hate Infantile Spasms, but still I hate politics a lot. It just gets in the way and divides when people should come together.

And now more than ever politics are interfering with my life.

I get questions about how do I feel about certain people in politics talking about the r-word. Somehow I get connected to another mother who has another beautiful child with Down syndrome who lives in a far off state. I do feel a bond with anyone who is the parent of a child with special needs (only those who have been to "Holland" knows what it is like), but that doesn't mean we are all the same. That doesn't mean I want another person's opinions and actions to be taken as my own.

I don't want Down syndrome to be associated with all this crap. I want to see beautiful images of people with Down syndrome. I want to see uplifting messages and not fighting, bickering, and carrying on.

I do hate the r-word and other insults, but I try to learn from my child and not attack people but educate them. Quinn has educated me more than anyone else in my whole life and she has done it with love, acceptance, and pushing me out of my comfort zone and not with arguments, mean comments, and hate.

I also don't watch shows like the Family Guy (it never appealed to me), and I personally do not have interest in the much talked about episode. Watching a comedic song titled "Down Syndrome Girl" doesn't really appeal to me when I have a beautiful girl who happens to have Down syndrome. That doesn't mean that I am against the episode or anything because I haven't seen it and quite personally I don't think I am in a good place right now to see something like that. I do applaud the beautiful young woman who happens to have Down syndrome who was employed by the show. I want to learn more about real people like her and see her beautiful face.

The thing I am sick and tired of is how even in our own community we get wrapped up in politics. Sides. All that.

I just hate it.

I went back to this clip today. Listen to the very first part. I think everyone needs to learn to be a little more like our kids, even me.


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