Friday, February 27, 2009


This blog is about my family and our journey with having a child with a diagnosis of Down syndrome. At 18 weeks during my pregnancy with our third child, Quinn, we received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome after I had an amniocentesis. It was a very difficult time. Neal had been laid off of his job, and I was working two jobs. My career involves helping others through difficult times and here I found myself in one of the most difficult times in my life. There were many tears, relationships with some family and friends were tested, other already established relationships became closer, and new beautiful relationships with people I would never have met were formed. I found that if I allow people to help me, I can get so much from the generosity of others. Part of that help came from the internet of all places. Seeing the beautiful faces of children and families with children with Down syndrome and seeing the joy of their lives helped me so much. So the decision came that maybe just maybe I can help someone though this little blog. So it starts...

Sometimes it is the most important moments in your life that are the ones that you thought would be your worst nightmare. These are the times you dreaded, that you never ever wanted to happen to you. I remember distinctly being in high school and learning about Down syndrome. Of course things were different back then, positives were not as discussed like they are today and the life expectancy was a lot shorter due to reduced medical care. But I remember sitting in class thinking to myself, "That would be so sad to have a child like that." But here is a moment that I would never have sought out and it is one of the most salient moments of my life. I have learned an important lesson, sometimes it is the moments that were thrust upon you, that are the ones that make you a better and stronger person and bring the most joy in your life. Quinn is wise and she is just what I needed in my life. I hope you don't mind my sharing this with you...


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  1. YAY, Karyn I'm so glad you're blogging and I get to read about the daily activities of you and your family.