Friday, February 27, 2009

Global Day to Eradicate the R-Word

Mark your calendars because March 31, 2009 is the Global Day to Eradicate the R-Word! It is so important to use this day to spread awareness about how the r-word can be hurtful to families of children with cognitive disabilities. The awesome photo above is Soeren Palumbo. He was a brave high school student in 2007 and stood up and made a speech at his high school about the hurtful use of the r-word. Can you imagine standing up to talk about such a thing and possibly risking your social standing as a high schooler (remember all that pressure of high school)? Why did Soeren do it? Because of his love for his younger sister. I hope someday Riley and Aidan will do the same for Quinn if they feel they need to. That is what this is all about, trying to get the message out there. If you haven't seen this speech, you should watch it:

Soeren is teaming up with others to get the word out about March 31st. Please do your part and help with this too. This may mean telling others about this day, educating someone on how the r-word can be hurtful, maybe even sharing Soeren's speech.

This is important to me because tonight I had a thought while holding Quinn - how could anyone call this beautiful face the r-word?

But the fact of the matter is that somebody, somewhere will. To me that is so hurtful. Who wants their child to be the butt of someone's joke. This is a little girl who just wants to be loved and to love others. She is my beautiful baby girl that I just want to protect. So I must do something, and here it is...Now I recognize that there are some people who will never get it no matter what we say or do, but there are some who will. And maybe if I get the message out there, someone will become educated, will become more sensitive, and they will know the power of Quinn like I do. Every little bit helps...

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  1. Thanks for posting this and welcome to the blogosphere. It can be addicting but a lot of fun.
    ---Jen (Sophie's Mom)